Quality Assurance

The handling of sperm, ova and embryos in our IVF laboratory is carried out according to the highest quality criteria – both with regard to the qualification of the laboratory staff and with regard to the equipment and culture media. In our centre, all treatment procedures are carried out according to standardised regulations.

The work in the andrological laboratory is assured in its quality by the continuous participation in interlaboratory comparisons.

Endometriosis Centre – successfully certified by the Endometriosis Research Foundation and the European Endometriosis League.

Certified Fertility Center – The practice and laboratory procedures are subject to quality control through the introduction of a quality management system.

Quality assurance of laboratory medical examinations (RiLiBÄK) – Quality control according to the guidelines of the German Medical Association by continuous participation in interlaboratory comparisons.

Issue of the manufacturer’s permit in accordance with the “EU Tissues and Cells Directive” for the extraction, examination, processing, cryopreservation and storage of human germ cell material.

Monitoring quality assurance and the requirements for implementing measures in the field of reproductive medicine.

Measure for quality assurance in the field of human reproductive medicine in Germany.